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free Harry Potter Series Box Set Harry Potter #1 7 epub by J.K. Rowling – Kindle, eBook or Book Download

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Ng cover art by Olly Moss Enjoy the stories that have captured the imagination of millions worldwi. A truly seven masterful works of fictionSome Harry Potter Facts


Harry Potter Series Box Set Harry Potter #1 7

Over 4000 pages of Harry Potter and his world including all 7 booksAll seven eBooks in the multi a. I had removed this review which violates Article 2 of the Terms of UseYou agree not to post User Content that i may create a risk of harm loss physical or mental injury emotional distress death disability disfigurement or physical or mental illness to you to any other person or to any animalLooking at the comment thread it is abundantly clear that the review not only may but indeed has caused emotional distress to several Potter fans I would like to offer my apologies to these unfortunate people who had every right to expect better service from Goodreads But despite the above I have decided on mature consideration that I will attempt an experiment I am reinstating the original review hiding the dangerous and inflammatory content inside a spoiler tag If you are a person easily offended by negative comments about Harry Potter and still decide to click it then you have only yourself to blame You have been warnedview spoilerI got into an argument the other day with an articulate 17 year old Harry Potter fan let s call him D who wanted to know why I was being so nasty in my review of Deathly Hallows What was wrong with it I offered various structural criticisms the ending is abrupt and unconvincing the subplot with the Horcruxes has not been adeuately foreshadowed in the earlier volumes and the book as a whole is overlong and boring D expressed surprise that I could call Deathly Hallows boring when I d given five stars to Madame Bovary and Animal Farm both of which he considered far duller The discussion continued for some time In the end I said I would write a review summarising my objections to the series as a whole Here it isAs I said to D it s not the books or the author The early Potter books are cute and entertaining and JK Rowling seems like a nice person if someone s going to scoop the literary Powerball jackpot why not her What I very strongly object to is the way the books have been marketed About 10 years ago it seems to me some clever people figured out a new marketing strategy which they first applied to Potter when that came to an end the same methods were used for Twilight Both series have enjoyed a level of success which is utterly disproportionate to their uality and which is also unprecedented in literary history Twilight clearly follows Potter I ve had several discussions about what preceded Potter and the answer everyone seems to agree is that there was no earlier success story of this kind Before Potter there was no YA series of dubious merit that absolutely everyone read I think it s uncontroversial that Potter in terms of literary uality is better than Twilight but Twilight has been even successful At one point the four volumes occupied the top four spots in the New York Times bestseller list On Goodreads nearly half of the top 50 reviews are of Twilight books This is an absurd and unnatural state of affairs Even though Twilight may not be uite as bad as is sometimes made out I m one of many people who have tried to defend it there s no way it deserves this level of attentionSo why is everyone reading it and why before that was everyone reading Potter As I said I think it s primarily about the marketing though I wish I was sure about the details Here at any rate are some thoughts First the publishers are aggressively using economies of scale and deals with third parties They print very large numbers of copies and they work together with movie studios game companies and merchandisers to cross promote them I think it s particularly important that a large proportion of the books are sold not at bookstores but at normal supermarkets It s well known that the cover price is usually marked down to the point where the supermarket is not in fact making any profit they have discovered that they can successfully treat it as a loss leader This is causing great pain to independent bookstores Some of them I have read have adopted the desperate expedient of buying copies at supermarkets and then reselling them Second let s look at the content and style Even though Potter and Twilight are fairly different in some ways they also have many strong similarities Above all they are extremely easy to read at every level The vocabulary is unchallenging the sentences are short and simple most characters are one dimensional stereotypes the story is uncomplicatedly plot driven there are few references to other works of literature You can read these books if you re tired if you re sleepy if you have poor reading skills if you ve never read anything else They conseuently have a very large potential audienceThird they describe a comforting emasculated world in which most of the things that make our own world so difficult and unpleasant have been removed Most strikingly there is no sex in Harry Potter which is supposed to be about fairly normal teens no one masturbates no girls get pregnant none of them are labelled sluts because they ve had sex with than one boy sometimes one is enough for that matter no one gets their heart broken and drops out of school or starts taking drugs as a result no one is stuck in a dead end relationship that they wish they could escape from but can t The worst thing that happens in either series is the seuence in New Moon where Edward temporarily leaves Bella Meyer notoriously doesn t describe Bella s feelings at all but just leaves several pages blank Once in fact not so long ago most adults would have been embarrassed to be seen reading YA literature of this kind to start with the comforting word YA hadn t been invented yet and they would have been reading children s books Somehow there s been a shift in standards You look around you on a bus to see what people are reading and you can be pretty sure you ll see at least a couple of people over 20 engrossed in Potter or Twilight It s odd that this has happened and I wish I understood whyIn conclusion I couldn t help being struck by the two books D chose to contrast against Potter D Madame Bovary is going to outlast both of these authors because Emma is a real person who experiences the crazy and contradictory emotions that real people experience when they are very unhappy and as a result she behaves in a crazy and contradictory way also Flaubert unlike Rowling and Meyer took a great deal of trouble over his prose and created some of the most beautiful and ironic passages in world literature There aren t many books I d call masterpieces but this is one of them And finally Animal Farm is indeed an allegory of the Russian Revolution More importantly though it s about how smart unscrupulous people manipulate trusting weak people Tens of millions of people are reading Potter and Twilight not because the books are well written or interesting but because the readers have been manipulated into buying them by the Napoleons and Suealers of this world That s what I m objecting to Think about it for a moment hide spoiler

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Ward winning internationally bestselling Harry Potter series available as one download with stunni. Complete 5 Golden Stars Thousands magical for this MasterpieceEpic MagicalI m really honored to read that I really love every single pagesHP made me a BookDragon I should ve shown my Lovea must read for everyone who loves Magic regardless of their age 3 never gets old 3huge fantastic world full detailed we have a wizarding communitiy magical school lessons ministry even a popular magical sport worldwide magical society in secrecy under muggle s nose XDthis story the world writing style in one word Magical really I still find clues I haven t found in those other 7 13 reads all my HP reviews as you know all Golden the Philosopher s Stone 5 the Cutest the Chamber of Secrets 5 the Mysterious the Prisoner of Azkaban 5 the Past the Goblet of Fire 5 the Twist the Order of the Phoenix 5 the Darkest the Half Blood Prince 5 the Hilarious the Deathly Hallows 5 the Emotional DUMBLEDORE S ARMY STILL RECRUITING Welcome new fanshere is my journey from platform 9 first read I was 9 I remember every details from what I wore who gave it to me as my late bday present I owe her to which parts I read fastI was in the generation who looked forward every HP books movies to come in the gaps I re read them XD I am first generation PotterheadBIG FAN Hardcoresince 2000 1Childhood Nostalgia 3I experienced the First book related feelings with this series first bookish crush Harry first World I wanted to go there be part of it first fantasy first novel first favourite Hero first cliff hanger HP 4 first book hangover HP 4 5 maybe a bit in 2 first shock cry over a dead character first favourite villainmany good memoriesYou probably ask After all this time I reply Always I just re read re read HP Always from the beginning to the book recently had come out that s why I say I m a professional re reader I love re reading because those stories never get old for meI miss them very often the characters Hogwarts magic the excitement the fun the admiration of how Perfect this world is how magnificent it is written the Nostalgic feeling it gives me I just feel like to re read them once in a while I still can t read from the middle I just want to experience it all over again since the beginning again going through all those character developments events I perfectly know would happeneven though I know almost every sentences events I know how it endsWhen I m in Harry Potter mode I bring my wand waving it just to have some magic sometimes my parents get on with it it is actually a total funreally nothing no books no movies no shows can fill this place in my heart a place beats only for Harry Potter resurfaced occasionallyI loved with HarryI laughed with HarryI cried with HarryI felt like Harry about characters situationI was excited with HarryI was angry with Harry I was scared with Harry 1st year we got to know a whole new world with Harry we received our letters we went to Hogwarts we learnt magic we had many adventures many riddles We cheered during uidditch We saved the Stone 2nd year I felt sad for Harry on his birthday We met a wizard family we flew to Hogwarts we witnessed some horrors view spoilerwe knew Harry was not behind the attacks hide spoiler

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    I had removed this review which violates Article 2 of the Terms of UseYou agree not to post User Content that i may create a risk of harm loss physical or mental injury emotional distress death disability disfigurement or physical or mental illness to you to any other person or to any animalLooking at the comment thread it is abundantly clear

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    I know I have specific reviews for each of the books but I just wanted to add a general review especially for those wondering what people especially adults see in Harry Potter When my brother was in junior high he lent me his copies of books 1 4 Maybe it was because I was seeing the story through his eyes or that I wasn't expecting much from children's literature but I was surprised to find how entertaining and well wr

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    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why the Harry Potter series is so damn good I love it And it’s had an

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    Complete 5 Golden Stars Thousands magical for this MasterpieceEpic MagicalI'm really honored to read that I real

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    I've resisted writing reviews for these books for a while now because it sort of seems like a pointless effort Everyone knows these books and there doesn't seem to be anything to say about them But then I figured

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    Aparecium How to choose a single book in the Harry Potter saga? How to choose a part of something that needs each part to generate the expected impact? I was precisely trying to choose one book to use as example in my favorites virtual shelf but I realize that not matter which book would I chose it would feel incomplete So I think that the be

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    A truly seven masterful works of fictionSome Harry Potter Facts

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    No books have influenced me the way the Harry Potter series has It shaped me as a child as a teenager as a young adult It

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    I am an absolute Harry Potter fan I picked up the series when I was in college and was blown away by this mesmerizing and page turning children's book JK Rowling is an absolute genius I've always had an active imagination and this world was so easy to enter In fact the world Rowling creates in Harry Potter is so real th

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    Complete Harry Potter Boxed Set Harry Potter Boxset Harry Potter #1 7 JK RowlingHarry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British author J K Rowling The novels chronicle the life of a young wizard Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry The main story arc concerns Harry's struggle against Lord Voldemort a dark wiza