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Summary [ A Prayer for Owen Meany Ebook ] Author John Irving

  • Paperback
  • 617
  • A Prayer for Owen Meany
  • John Irving
  • English
  • 06 October 2019
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10 thoughts on “A Prayer for Owen Meany

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    I'm short on time for this review but man this is the closest thing to a perfect story as anything I've ever readI'm back a few days

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    “I am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice Not because of his voice or because he was the smallest person I ever knew or even because he was the instrument of my mother's death but because he is the reason I believe in God” I've opted for the 3 star approach but you shouldn't give it much weight where this boo

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    A long time ago I came across a story that my grandmother recommended I wasn’t sure what to expect but I definitely hadn’t expected to read what would become my favorite book The story begins as many do giving background on the area that will provide the setting for our tale a history as reference but uickly catches up with the main characters and the supporting cast And we uickly learn of Johnny and Owen M

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    Being in a melancholy mood I was trying to think of a book that made me laugh tears And the first one that came t

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    This is the book that made me want to be a writer I read it in high school thanks to my favorite English teacher Mrs B who had written down the title on a Post It note and said You need to read this I immediately went and found a copy and had it finished it by the end of the week There is no way I can write a review that is worthy of this novel but I shall try It is the story of two boys in New Hampshire in the 1950s the narrator is Johnny

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    I've been on a huge John Irving kick recently and man am I glad I didn't start with this book because I might have aborted the whole thing before I had a chance to read some of his better worksThis one just didn't do it for me Whereas I left other Irving novels feeling recharged and alive I left this one pissed off and ready to drink cheap t

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    To begin the year I tackled one of John Irving’s classic novels that found me laughing throughout while also extracting some of the serious themes Owen Meany is a small child much tinier than those his age With this he has the most grating voice one could imagine Some attribute this to the family granite company while others prefer to keep the mystery alive Owen is unlike many other children his age as his best friend

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    Solid four stars This is book seven in my John Irving Challenge Let it be known that I'm an idiot Irving's books shouldn't be read this close together He takes upwards of four years to write these fucking things and reading them back to back only highlights the little repetitive details that an author will forget about in

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    I'm sure you can read a million reviews about this book It seems to be many people's favorite Let me just say that I have read 5 or 6 John Irving books and this is the only one that is much than a good story About 10 years ago I was assisting a photography class for adults and one of the particpants a minister saw that I was reading this book

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    I gave this book three stars because I figure that's the average of five stars and one star Some of the things about this book were great; others were really terribleIrving's strong point is definitely his ability

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A Prayer for Owen Meany

Bonded forever in childhood the stunted Owen Meany whose life is touched by God and the orphaned Johnny Wheelwright whose life is touched by Owen From the accident that links them. I ve been on a huge John Irving kick recently and man am I glad I didn t start with this book because I might have aborted the whole thing before I had a chance to read some of his better worksThis one just didn t do it for me Whereas I left other Irving novels feeling recharged and alive I left this one pissed off and ready to drink cheap teuila until I blacked out and woke up in a new world where there are no books or stories or any sort of entertainment derived from the written word First of all I think Irving has a habit of using his novel s narrators as a stand in for himself which is fine since he seems like and incredibly interesting dude but here I felt like he was just going through the motions Oh ok here s my main character and he s different than me uh because we have different names and umdifferent parentsanyway yeah that s how we re different ok story time now it was a thin disguise at best and didn t work for me at all My second problem was the structure The book takes place over the span of about 30 years and sometimes events from all thirty were addressed in a single page Which is fine if it works but I felt like he was trying to go for an omni present narrative that ended up being muddledI also think the book might work better for people who are a little older than myself A large part of the story deals with the Vietnam war and it s relation to the Iran Contra scandal While these passages were in no way lacking it did seem like they were aimed for people who were alive during that time and could share in Irving s obvious outrage Side note I found myself finding a bazillion yes a bazillion similarities between the national atmosphere in 68 and now Oh and while I love Irving s knack for the unusual here it seemed like every other page he was trying to force a classic situation wherein unusual characters meet in an unusual situation that illuminates their nature in the most unusual of ways It got so bad that at times I felt like I was reading a sitcom There were a few bright spots I was genuinely moved by Owen s character and I thought he served as a wonderful example of how Christ could have been at once holy and flawed Gah The thing is Irving is a new love in my life and like any new love I wanted it to be perfect But he isn t and that s fine because who wants perfection anyway but goddamn I wanted to love this oneUm yes Ok well I m giving it two stars but two stars for Irving is four for most other authors

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Alternate Cover for ISBN 0345417976John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany is the inspiring modern classic that introduced two of the author’s most unforgettable characters boys. I m short on time for this review but man this is the closest thing to a perfect story as anything I ve ever readI m back a few days later to edit my review because I can t stop thinking about this book It might be my favorite I might be in love with this story As the first sentence of the story starts out I am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice well I am tooSPOILERS FROM THIS POINT ON IN THE REVEIWI think I fell in love with book as I read one specific sentence It s at the end of the story when Owen and Johnny are in the temporary bathroom with the children and his dream is starting to unfold I thought I had it all figured out the lunatic kid has the grenade and he s going to try and blow them up But then I read the sentence when Owen looks to Johnny and says something along the lines of WE LL HAVE ABOUT FOUR SECONDS Maybe I was a little slow to catch on but it was right then that I realized the reason they had always practiced the shot It blindsighted me and I loved it Irving had made their routine practice of the shot so commonplace in their time together that I forgot about even asking what purpose it served being in the storyBut the sentence carries so much power than that At the same time I realized the purpose of the shot it also hit home how Owen had lived his entire life for that momemt He had known his fate his moment and not only did he embrace it he had prepared for it And when it came time to act and live this moment he didn t flinch Just as Owen had lived his life for one specific point and time the power of this story was revealed to me in one perfect sentence It gave me THE SHIVERS

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To the mystery that follows them–and the martyrdom that parts them–the events of their lives form a tapestry of fate and faith in a novel that is Irving at his irresistible bes. Solid four stars This is book seven in my John Irving Challenge Let it be known that I m an idiot Irving s books shouldn t be read this close together He takes upwards of four years to write these fucking things and reading them back to back only highlights the little repetitive details that an author will forget about in four plus years I do not suggest being an idiot like me Take your time with this author s back catalog I d say they would be best read a year apart from each other Now we digress for a while This is going to be a lengthy diatribe followed by a review that will upset some people You ve been warnedIf you re only here for my thoughts on this book skip ahead to paragraph four the following paragraph being paragraph 1 ThanksI love the Goodreads community There are authors who stay away from what they call the Shark Tank of the Reading Community where dastardly trollish reviewers circle waiting for a badly behaved author to cut themselves inciting a feeding frenzy There are authors who literally believe Goodreads members have nothing better to do than to sit around waiting for authors to show the first sign of weakness Then there are authors who use this site for marketing and what people in the restaurant business call table touching They hone their craft based on input garnered from reviews and come to be active members who are here to help you with whatever uestions you d having regarding their latest book or to host a giveaway or maybe sometimes they also read and rate books but never do they review because they don t want to cause waves Then you have authors like me I will always be a reader first A reader who has his own opinions his own likes and dislikes his own views of the world I don t write reviews to sell books I don t write reviews to gain fans In fact I feel that sometimes my honest opinions damage me in the public eye than they ll ever help me right MommaCat But again I write these for myself or to give warnings to readers who enjoy or dislike the sames things as I You will only ever receive my genuine feelings about a book I don t participate in circle jerk review swapping I don t carpet bomb rivals or reuest that my fans do so and I don t put on a happy face when someone pisses in my review corner in order to save face and keep acuaintances happy I m not that kinda dude Don t like my opinions on books but like the stuff I write Fine Don t read my reviews Better yet don t follow me Pretend I don t exist here on Goodreads or social media in general Wouldn t bother me a bit I m not here for a popularity contest I m not on Goodreads for any reason other than discussing books with friends If you don t like when I don t fangirl over your favorite books that s none of my concern If that twists your underwear in a knot and gives you a hemorrhoid oh well Because I m not some dancing monkey here solely for your entertainment I m a human being with his own thoughts and tastes and guess what that means It means that sometimes ladies and gentlemen of the internet we are going to disagree But if you re only here to tell me how wrong I am about your favorite book or that I should shut up and write books instead of reviewing them I will kindly ask you right now to stay the fuck off my grassI know I m the enemy of some of you simply because I am an author I get that and I try to keep my distance from you For the most part you keep your distance from me too and I appreciate it and this site remains a pleasant place for both of us Simply put I know where I m not wanted and I stay away lest I welcome your hellfire But again FOR THE MOST PART this website fucking rocks as do the users who populate it It s full of my favorite type of person in all the world Readers Because I m a reader myself a lifelong lover of books and all I want to do is discuss books and share my favorite books and rage over the ones that piss me off If I shit on your favorite books it s because I didn t like them not because I think I m better than anyone else I get that I m a scrub fighting his way to the top and that some authors have been successful than me and for good reason You re watching me learn You have front row tickets to my literary education But the simple fact of the matter is sometimes I m not going to like what you consider to be amazing works of literature And if you take my reviews personally well I just gotta say the fucking world doesn t revolve around you It doesn t revolve around me either The difference between me and you is that I realize that opinions are subjective and that your negative review of a book I like is not a personal attack on me just like my negative review of a book you love is not a personal attack on youBut someone recently took it personally which is why you re reading this stupid fucking diatribe I was concerned that by not giving A Prayer for Owen Meany a perfect score that I might summon down the wrath of some of you Not all of you Some of you Maybe one or two of you You know who you are I shouldn t have to say this It should be simple common sense that a stranger s opinion is not a slight on the temple of You It s really that simple I like a lot of you whose taste in books boggle my mind I hate stuff like erotica or romance or YA but loads of my friends on here love that shit You don t see me in their comments section raging out over their tastes So what if I don t like the books you read Life goes on And I think that s my point here LIFE GOES ON Stop taking everything so fucking personally They are books for fuck s sake They re meant to be enjoyed They re meant to be escapes Stop getting so bent out of shape and go love whatever and whomever you want to love Go on No one s stopping you Now let s talk about THIS bookTHE ACTUAL REVIEW STARTS HEREA Prayer for Owen Meany is beautifully written I could uote whole chapters to you it s that good in places Pay close attention to those two words though in places That being said I still think The World According to Garp is the better all around experience I know I know many of you will disagree with me I know how many of you love this book It was the single most reuested book for me to read and review once I announced I was doing this John Irving Challenge I m attempting to read all of his books in a year and am currently on track to do so and I feel some of you will be let down by my critiue But I m not apologizing for how I feel No one should have to apologize for liking or dislking or just feeling meh about a book Ever While the level of writing in this book far exceeds the level of writing in GARP GARP was consistently good This book tends to ramble about meaningless literary stuffs like the background of character who pass in and out of the story only once And the constant America hate got old Irving s right This country has long been fucked But beating a dead horse does not become him and that s what the majority of this book is Irving beating a dead horse A horse that died on page 256I appreciate that Irving was trying to make Owen Meany s voice aggravating but I found nearly everything about the kid annoying He was too much of a know it all in my book and because I am not religious in any way shape or form I found a lot of his views sillier than a fucking clown orgy People who talk to their god of choice or claim to hear His voice are no different to me than the wino outside the liuor store discussing uantum physics with the long dead Carl Sagan He s not talking to anyone but himself and neither are you You re both off your nut Just my opinion But crazy can be fun and in places Owen Meany is fun But nowhere is he fun than during the church performance and his part in A Christmas Carol Which brings me to my number one complaint with this bookThe novel peaks at the 200 page mark and is never as entertaining as it was in those first 200 pages Once the boys grew up I lost interest I knew Owen s fate I knew John s fate I knew everyone s fate whether from my own guessing which turned out to be accurate and I hate when that happens or because the author spoiled his own book No reason I needed to know Owen s fate at page 200 No reason whatsoever Fuck you for telling it Irving My final word on the book is thisThere is never a good reason for 100 page chapters Screw any author who does it I m the type of reader who takes breaks only when a chapter has concluded If your chapter is 100 pages long I MUST read all 100 pages in one sitting If not I feel like I ve done the book a disservice by stopping where it never intended for me to stop I know I m fucking weird You re not telling me anything I don t already know Thing is I m not a uick reader I peak at 100 pages a day Not moving all day seriously fucks with my mobility so I was forced numerous times to put the book down and walk around when I didn t want to But that s just my bitch You likely won t notice nor will you likely care if you doIn summation If you read this entire review it s very likely you are not happy with me I know some of you will take offense where no offense is meant but you d do that anyway Some people are professionally bothered Nothing I can do about it But if you feel guilty about something or feel the need to defend someone that s on you I m not pointing fingers I m making observations and these observations are the way I see things And what I found in this book is an author who has fallen in love with his own voice and rightly so The writing is sexy as fuck But at some point you have to learn when to kill your darlings for the sake of the reader s enjoyment And I feel too many darlings were spared in the writing of this book And in parts too much was spoiled far too early Take care of each other and on to the next IrvingFinal Judgment Pretty but bloated

About the Author: John Irving

JOHN IRVING was born in Exeter New Hampshire in 1942 His first novel Setting Free the Bears was published in 1968 when he was twenty six He competed as a wrestler for twenty years and coached wrestling until he was forty seven Mr Irving has been nominated for a National Book Award three times—winning once in 1980 for his novel The World According to Garp He received an O Henry Award