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[A.C. Benson] The Temple of Death and Other Stories [georgian Book] Ebook

10 thoughts on “The Temple of Death and Other Stories

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    Perhaps you are familiar with Edward Frederick Benson author of the Mapp and Lucia comic novels and some of the best ghost stories in the English language? This pleasant although not compelling selection of occult

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    If you enjoy the stories of EF Benson well you'll probably hate this book as much as I did The three brothers did nominally all write spook sto

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    Many people have heard of Edward Frederic EF Benson who wrote a series of humorous novels about Mapp and Lucia I haven't read them

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    The Temple of Death is billed as ghost stories or Tales of Mystery and the Supernatural by A C And R H Benson These are the lesser known for good reason I think brothers of E F Benson of Mapp and Lucia fame The back of the book says that these

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    A C Benson and R H Benson have been overshadowed by their popular novelist brother E F Benson but between the three the produced over 100 volumes of fiction and nonfiction This is a collection of stories written by the two less well remembered Bensons during the early Edwardian eraWhile the collection is referred to as ghost stories and described as chilling they are not ghost stories and rarely chilling The

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    I can't believe people didn't really like this book The book is split in two the first stories are written by AC Benson a kind of nobody and the others are written by his brother a Catholic kind of nobody The RH Benson the Catholic were pretty

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    Read the book Liked several of them Found the tone too uiet and contents too inward looking for my taste If you can find a cheap or tattered l

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    Very good stories but best not taken as a whole Read back to back some consistent elements and traits of the stories become predictable and formulaic Read this book in small bits a story here and a story there and you'll enjoy them

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    While I am not a believer myself I would certainly not say that religious beliefs make good art impossible I can count numerous works inspired by religion that are among my favouritesHowever it is fair to say that

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    The stories of AC Benson cover about 2 thirds of the book and are far superior to R H Benson Well worth a read

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The Temple of Death and Other Stories

Nd often archaic environments far removed from the manic pace and pressures of the twenty first century but as exercises in the art of luring the reader into a stat of unease they are as potent as they were when the ink was barely dry on the pa. While I am not a believer myself I would certainly not say that religious beliefs make good art impossible I can count numerous works inspired by religion that are among my favouritesHowever it is fair to say that it is very hard to make decent books about fantastical subjects which are also religious Of course religion itself is pretty fantastical but how do you balance the fantastical elements of one belief system thought to be true against a world that is not believed to be true in any wayConsider the genre of fantasy itself C S Lewis did a decent enough job of making his fantasy world into a metaphor for Christianity but later books in the Narnia series began to be weighted down with his absurdly narrow minded views J R R Tolkien and J K Rowling got round the problem by simply ignoring Christianity sparing themselves the need to ask why people with magic powers would be all that interested in a man who is resurrected on a cross However the incompatibility of fantasy and Christianity was nicely brought out when fundamentalists started protesting against Rowling s books because the heroes practised witchcraftSci fi is another area that sits uncomfortably with Christianity Do we really believe that people on other planets worship Jesus How does a dystopian future suare with devout beliefsThen there is horror There is a natural religious overlap here as horror can be about devils Satanists and exorcisms and the battle between good and evil Nonetheless as even early great writers in the genre such as Edgar Allan Poe and H P Lovecraft realised horror works better when there is an element of nihilism in itThis brings me on to the stories of A C and R H Benson Goodness fantastical writers use a lot of initials Most of the stories here are by A C and they promote a resolutely pro Christian message as one might expect from the sons of the Archbishop of Canterbury Indeed they would be hard pressed to show priests trying and failing to counteract evil and sit this against their devout faith This leads to a certain cosiness in the stories Just how horrific can a situation be if you know that the characters can invoke Christ and escape danger every timeA C s stories are particularly absurd in this There seems to always be a helpful cleric on hand to save the day The titular story is set in the early days of Christian and ends with the unlikely spectacle of a missionary s faith somehow managing to change an entire community s minds after an evil is slain I doubt people s minds are so easily malleableIf in doubt call in a clergyman They will give you advice and guidance and prayer Even if you are threatened by a mysterious creature from the sea a cleric is of use than the army or any secular authority If you have a chance of receiving tainted gold turn it down Don t worry God will find another way of rewarding you Not spiritual pleasures and rubbish As soon as you renounce this money he ll find you some material wealthAnd don t dabble in the unknown One man does this and has some instruments in his house that are somehow thought to be bad What does he produce with them Mechanical toys and he has a good knowledge of medicine My God This man is practising scienceThe later stories get longer darker and complex to be fair but the constant intrusion of Christian goodness does get a little wearyingR H has a few stories in here but his life sounds interesting than the stories Despite being the son of the Archbishop he converted to Catholicism and received much hate mail in conseuence Ah Christian charity He also wrote a dystopian novel which naturally is full of religious content It seems that the world will become dominated by an anti Christ if Britain elected a Labour government Those were the good old days when conservative Catholics could write bonkers things like that and be taken seriously in BritainHis stories are briefer and less conclusive and often end with a few boring pieties The longest story involves the ghosts of Thomas a Becket and his murderers Trust a Christian to harp on about martyrdom even if they have to look back seven centuries to find a noble enough exampleThe stories are certainly not terrible and have a few moments to chill the spine If you like classic ghost stories by all means give them a try but don t expect anything unusually remarkable

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The great oaken gate heaved and splintered and a monstrous beast as huge as a horse appeared at the mouth of the den; his small head was laid back on his hairy shoulders his little eyes gleamed wickedly and his red mouth opened snarling fiercel. If you enjoy the stories of EF Benson well you ll probably hate this book as much as I did The three brothers did nominally all write spook stories but only one did it well A certain liveliness of image is almost always ruined here by an overtly Christian moralizing People donate ill gotten buried treasures to build churches that sort of thing A mysterious white figure carries off the now smiling ghost it having faced its misdeeds made on this mortal coil finally from the other side I m sure this sort of dreck was wildly popular among the better classes up until the mid twentieth century A sort of acceptable spiritualismIt s all lost on us now even making so called contemporary inspirational fiction seem sophisticated by comparison

review ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ A.C. Benson

YUndeservedly the weird and chilling ghost stories of Arthur Christopher Benson and Robert Hugh Benson have been neglected for far too long This volume attempts to rectify that situation This dark banuet of tales takes us to strange unworldly a. The Temple of Death is billed as ghost stories or Tales of Mystery and the Supernatural by A C And R H Benson These are the lesser known for good reason I think brothers of E F Benson of Mapp and Lucia fame The back of the book says that these weird and chilling ghost stories have been undeservedly neglected for too long But I can t say that I think that s necessarily true I probably could have gone on just as well without ever having read these Oh they re decent enough storiesparticularly those by A C Benson But they re not strictly ghost stories religious ghost stories perhaps So I guess tales of the supernatural would describe these best All of the stories have a very religious moral tone In each you have an element of good needing to triumph over evil whether that be the evil of paganism and the Dark Arts or the evil doings of the human heart The stories of R H Benson have far less substance than those of his brother fortunately there are fewer of them A C Benson s tales synopses below have narrative and depth The former s tales range from the killer instinct of a man compelled to shoot a thrush The Watcher to two boys lost on a road who encounter a gypsy Blood Eagle There isn t much haunting to be found and I can t say that R H does much for me in the story telling line Of A C s stories the best by far are Out of the Sea Basil Netherby and The Uttermost Farthing I don t say that you need to run out and find this collection but if you do happen upon it then be sure to read these three if you read no others Three stars JustStories by A C BensonThe Temple of Death Paullinus a Roman follower of the Christian faith gets lost on his travels and finds himself at the pagan Temple of Death Will his faith help him overcome the dreadful beast that is lord of the templeThe Closed Window The evil Sir James de Nort died under mysterious circumstances in the turret room Since that time the window has never been opened What will happen if his grandson and grand nephew decide to do so What odd vision of the world will be revealedThe Slype House Anthony Purvis owner of the Slype House dabbles in the Dark Artsand winds up in a battle for his very soulThe Red Camp Walter Wyatt inherits the ancestral home On his land there is a dense wooded area known as the Red Camp so called because of the terrible battle that took place there Wyatt must lay to rest the souls killed on this terrible spotOut of the Sea A ghastly beast comes out of the sea to haunt a wealthy fisherman and his son a fate they must endure because of their actions towards a survivor of a shipwreckThe Grey Cat A young boy is in a fight for his very soulwith of all things a harmless seeming grey catThe Hill of Trouble Gilbert is happy in his life as a scholar at Cambridge he s close to finishing the book that has been his life s work But then he goes visiting in the country wanders onto the Hill of Trouble and has his future revealed to him by the spectre of the hill Basil Netherby Basil is a musician of some little talent He takes up residence at a house with evil connections His music changes and so does he Can his friend help rescue him from the evil influence of the house s former ownerThe Uttermost Farthing Three men race against the ghosts of two evil men to uncover hidden secrets Are the secrets better revealed or destroyedFirst posted on my blog My Reader s Block

  • Paperback
  • 226
  • The Temple of Death and Other Stories
  • A.C. Benson
  • English
  • 14 November 2017
  • 9781840225471

About the Author: A.C. Benson

Edward White Benson 1829 1896; Archbishop of Canterbury 1882–96; the first headmaster of the college and his wife Mary Sidgwick Benson sister of the philosopher