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Kim Krans [Free Read] The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook – eBook & Kindle

characters The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook

In this wholly original never before seen box set the New York Times bestselling author who has redefined tarot for the twenty first century takes seekers on a journey of self discovery deep into the collective unconscious and through the realm of archetypes where dreams and myths meetIn this original box set Kim Krans illuminates the revelatory power of archetypes the ancient universal symbols that have endured across time and cultures and reside deep in our shared psyche Illustrated in her unmistakable Wild Unknown style an emotionally evocative combination of elegant line art and lush watercolor painting The Wild Unknown Arche. Me encantaron las im genes empaue y todo Lo utilizo para fines psicoterap uticos en mi Modelo de Asociaci n Intuitiva MAI Gracias

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The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook

Igned by Krans which details the meaning behind each card and offers clear grounded explanations of the many spreads practices and concepts that power the Archetypes deckA beautiful and inclusive tool for self exploration The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook is sure to enchant readers drawn to personal study symbology and lore Destined to become a treasured keepsake The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook is an exuisitely designed work of art that embodies the mystery glamour and allure that made Krans's previous work collectible sensations while introducing a whole new realm of magic and depth to The Wild Unknow. Al igual ue toda la colecci n estas 78 cartas circulares de gran tama o son hermosas

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Types Deck and Guidebook fosters a profound understanding of our complex personalities behaviors and tendenciesThe Wild Unknown Archetypes deck includes 78 gorgeous circular oracle cards divided into four suits The Selves The Places The Tools and The Initiations Each archetype has been carefully selected for its symbolic potency and the lesson at the core of its nature such as The Poet representative of deep emotional creativity and the drive to find our truth and The Vision which symbolizes the lifelong journey to rediscover our destiny Accompanying the deck is a 224 page hand lettered fully illustrated guidebook written and des. LA PRESENTACI N ES DE BUENA CALIDAD PERO LAS INSTRUCCIONES MUUY COMPLICADAS AUN NO LO HE PODIDO USAR TENDR UE LEERLO DE NUEVO

13 thoughts on “The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook

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    Las cartas son más grandes ue muchos tarots y oráculos Están bien hechas son rígidas y las imágenes están correctamente impresasEl libro habla muy bien de los aruetipos y a diferencia de otros tarots u oráculos no sólo ofrece lado un positivo y negativo de cada carta sino ue también da peueños consejos

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    Me encantan estas cartas Son increíbles y son muy universales El tema del archetype es uno ue a todos nos toca Llegó SUPER rápido de Estados Unidos una semana antes de lo ue esperaba Muchísimas gracias

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    Me encantaron las imágenes empaue y todo Lo utilizo para fines psicoterapéuticos en mi Modelo de Asociación Intuitiva MAI Gracias

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    Es un oráculo original muy completo tiene un montón de aruetipos El libro es buenísimo La calidad de las cartas al 100 Te da lecturas profu

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    Maravillosa herramienta de autoconocimiento Psicología desarrollo del ser espiritualidad autoaceptacion y más Un mazo excelente ue no puedes dejar de tener El material excelente

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    Llegó en excelente estado y un día antes de lo programadoGenial

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    Al igual ue toda la colección estas 78 cartas circulares de gran tamaño son hermosas

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    I really wanted to love this set but I'm not overly impressed with it The cards are way too big and impossible to

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    I have all of Kim Krans’ decks they are a delight to use beautifully illustrated and impart so much wisdomThis one is no differentThe archetypes have always fascinated me I studied Jung so this was a ‘have to buy’ deck as soon as she announced its releaseI always love the books that come with her decks as

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    Love this deck for its roundness and lovely presentation MY first reading with the cards changed my mind about a career and country move they were that potent Not traditional tarot or an oracle in the strictest sense but s

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    I was SO excited for this deck I pre ordered it back in August and waited excitedly for its arrival The artwork looked amazing and I was thrilled it was a round deckI received it today and my heart sank as I flipped through the images I wish I had waited as I can't stand collage art and this deck uses it extensively something I couldn't see in the photos when it came out for pre order besides the backs which I didn't like but thou

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    For the price generously packaged and presented Unusual deck for working with a wide range of archetypes speaking