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Princess Adele struggles with a life of marriage and obligation as her Euatorian Empire and their American Republic allies stand on the brink of war against the vampire clans of the north However the alliance's horrific strategy for total victory drives Adele to abandon her duty and embark on a desperate uest to keep her nation from staining its hands with genocide Reunited with her great love the mysterious adventurer known to the world as the Greyfriar Adele is pursued by her own people as. Rating 5 starsGenre SteampunkHorrorVampiresReviewThe Rift Walker Vampire Empire book 2 by Clay and Susan Griffith picks up three months after Princess Adele returned home to Euatoria after being held captive by vampire Prince Cesare the younger brother of Gareth better known as the GreyfrairAdele continues to put off her intended marriage to the US Senator Miles Clark for as long as she can because in her heart she has found its desire in Greyfrair who she knows is really the vampire Prince Gareth of Scotland She also sneaks out to watch plays where the Greyfrair is shown rescuing her Adele is also coming to terms with her newly found powers that she discovered in the Greyfrair a power that a secret cabal of geomancers which includes her trainer Mamorou wants to use against the vampires to rid the world of them once and for all Senator Clark meanwhile wants the crown that comes with being wedded to Princess Adele and he will do anything he can to get it including raising havoc until Emperor Constantine finally agrees He firmly believes that the only way to defeat the vampires in the north is with a strong union between his forces and that of Euatoria as well as taking away it s food source namely the humans by wiping them out completely A position that puts him suarely in the opposite side of what Adele believes is the right thing to do Adele isn t afraid to stand up for her ideas agaisnt Clark or even her fathers Adele has fondness for the people of Scotland and doesn t want anything bad to happen to them just because they live aside vampiresThis book is truly an amazing story with loads of political intrigue betrayal on several fronts action and adventure deception as well as a romance that is not overly done to the point of taking away from the actual storyline There are plenty of action scenes that include both Adele and Greyfrair that will keep readers happy Adele has become much stronger since she was first introduced in The Greyfrair and with her new powers getting stronger by the day she is extremely dangerous to any vampire I have found that I like General Anhalt and He stands for what he believes in and when Adele is taken away by Greyfrair after he found out that she was to be killed on her wedding day Anhalt gives up his post and aligns himself fully with Adele and the Greyfrair The Vampire Empire takes place in a steampunk alternative history universe in the year 2020 150 years ago vampires rose up in what is being called the Great Killing and destroyed much of the world Humans were forced to flee for their lives to the warmer climates in the south while others were left behind to end up as food and servants to the vampires The Rift Walker expands upon the war between the humans and the vampires with several strikes at the heart of Alexandria itself which were planned in great expanse and detail by Cesare and his human conspirators There are major alliances being formed between the vampires of Europe as well as America and the cabal s intentions towards Adele haven t been settled or explained fully as of yetSome major characters fall to the vampires in this story while another character reappears and plays an intrigal role in the story as well as the final outcome of the series Still others are found to have been working alongside the vampires in the hopes of avoiding a full out warPositive No cliffhanger ending Yes there are plenty of uestions left unanswered but I have faith that we shall learn the answers to them in the near future when book 3 is released

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The Rift Walker

Eet These energies are the key to defeating the enemy of mankind and if Princess Adele could ever bring this power under her command she could be death to vampires But such a victory will also cost the life of Adele's beloved GreyfriarThe Rift Walkeris the second book in a trilogy of high adventure and alternative history Combining rousing pulp action with steampunk style the Vampire Empire series brings epic politcal themes to life within a story of heartbreaking romance sacrifice and heroi. The first book The Greyfriar was my 2010 Best Steampunk PickThe Vampire Empire trilogy is uickly becoming one of my all time favorites The Rift Walker is book two and filled with action and life or death situations than one reader can bear Book one The Greyfriar left the main characters Adele and Greyfriar apart with an unknown future By the end of The Rift Walker we are left with an all too unsettling plot twist that includes a very vicious vampireThe Griffiths have created a world where humans and vampires are enemies yet between the love of Adele and Greyfriar I am truly rooting for some sort of truce and cohabitation I think this is probably a Utopian view on my part because the studies Adele continues with her teacher is making her a very powerful weapon to kill vampires I m torn knowing that if Adele sees her full potential through it could very well mean no future for her and Greyfriar In fact Greyfriar would have to be sacrificed for the greater human good This is a dilemma Adele may be faced with as she grows stronger This book is about Adele coming into her own and realizing who she is as a future EmpressOne character I am growing to love is General Anhalt This man is someone every person should be so lucky to have as a friend I m not sure there are people this loyal and true in real life but in the book I d want him by my side In fact my favorite uote from the book is I will fall on you like unholy hell Do I make myself clear Oh that Anhalt has passion One character I m still not sure about is Mamoru Adele s teacher He makes my blood boil in this book at times and others so guidingGreyfriar seems to take a step back in this book since it is about Adele and her journey He is in many scenes and ever present with Adele but this book is about the action the war the battles twists to gain power and murdering reigning monarchs than love scenes Although the printed stories and plays that are written and performed about Adele and Greyfriar I think are a nice bit of humor referred to throughout the book I m not sure what to think about how Greyfriar is handling the situation in the north with Cesare However since this book was about Adele and her journey I m not making any judgments until book three as to how Greyfriar really handles CesareThe writing I can say nothing negative about It is fluid and seamless not once was I brought out of the story from something distracting about the writing or editing The dialogue is believable and appropriate The scenes are well placed the story well paced settings and action scenes well described The characters are well developed and I even invested in the villains The steampunk elements continue with airships and weapons but it is not overdone nor are you constantly reminded this is a steampunk book The story takes over and you just read a gripping taleIf you are a fan of The Greyfriar you will want to read The Rift Walker This story is not like most where the reader is mainly reading to see the final outcome of the two love interests The Vampire Empire story is a gripping tale of not only love but power politics war loyalties lines drawn assassinations and a species fight for survival You will swoon for the love and your heart will race for the action The Griffiths continue to deliver one of the best epic stories I ve readThe Vampire Empire trilogy is also being made into an audiobook with Jame Marsters Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel narrating

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Well as her vengeful husband senator Clark With the human alliance in disarrray Prince Cesare lord of the British vampire clan seizes the initiative and strikes at the very heart of EuatoriaAs Adele labors to bring order to her world she learns about the strange powers she exhibited in the north Her teacher Mamoru leads a secret cabal of geomancers who believe Adele is the one who can touch the vast power of the Earth that surges through ley lines and wells up at the rifts where the lines m. 45 stars Whenever I read a new book with vampires the element I most enjoy is seeing what the author attributes to the Some authors decide vampires will die in daylight most say that vampires create vampires through attacking humans they can eat food or they can t I like this writer team s take on the vampire world and I particularly enjoy th vampiric cultures and empire createdA really good seuel to the Greyfriar Adele begins to discover of her skills betrayal abounds changes in the balance of power within Euatoria and the vampire clans Plenty of action loyalties tested All left to play for in the final bookRecommended series

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    The Rift Walker Y U HAVE TO END???And ugh the next book is coming out in September And it has a cover And it seems amazing And it’s the final

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    I read the whole trilogy without pause and finished it too uickly for my liking This series turned into a surprising gem and I can't wait to reread it All I can say is if you like books about vampires with slight twist on the vampire myth hu

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    Rating 5 starsGenre SteampunkHorrorVampiresReviewThe Rift Walker Vampire Empire book # 2 by Clay and Susan Griffith picks up three months aft

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    Princess Adele is back in Alexandria and despite her efforts to postpone it her wedding date to Senator Clark which will trigger the beginning of the war against the vampires is near She fills her days training her newly discovered powers with her teacher Mamoru and at nights she disguises herself as commoner and watches the popular theatrical plays that tell the story of her rescue and the undying love between her and the Greyfri

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    45 stars Whenever I read a new book with vampires the element I most enjoy is seeing what the author attributes to the Some authors decide vampires will die in daylight most say that vampires create vampires through attacking humans; they can eat food or they can't; I like this writer team's take on the vampire world and I particula

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    I don't know what I was expecting when I first got into Vampire Empire probably something light and fun given its vampire and steampunk concept But I have to say though this is shaping up to be uite an impressive series Somewhere along the way these books have gone beyond simply being candy for my mind to the point now where I find myself emotionally invested in the story and its characters in particularAfter the events

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    The Rift Walker was an interesting continuation in the Vampire Empire series More magic villains and conspiracies with a gentle reminder this story is not a standalone The Greyfriar is a must read first or you wi

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    Originally posted at The Rift Walker Vampire Empire #2 by Clay Griffith Susan Griffith Urban Fantasy Paperback September 6 2011 Prometheus BooksFavorite uote “Fine I was brooding It’s not like you don’t”“Mine’s inherent in my romantic nature Cloaks and castles”“That’s it You are forbidden to look at any cheap books

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    The first book The Greyfriar was my 2010 Best Steampunk PickThe Vampire Empire trilogy is uickly becoming one of

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    I guess it would normally be a 5 star book for me but I have to admit we had some unfortunate events spoiling this one star for us First I was reading the e book version of it I practically stormed through the first 220 pages but then I gave my Kindle to my friend so I had to wait than a week for the paper copy to be delivered overs