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The Cursed Sea The Glass Spare #2 ( Free ) ☆ Lauren DeStefano – PDF, Kindle ePUB & eBook Online

Lauren DeStefano ð 6 review

Her family must reckon with the truth of what happened to lead to Wil’s exile With time running out Wil must navigate the dangerous secrets within her family if she’s going to find the truth and save the boy she lovesWhen she’s finally able to reach Pahn nothing goes as planned and suddenly Wil and her allies are fighting for their lives again and again as the Southern King is out to punish. why so pretty

Free read å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ð Lauren DeStefano

The Cursed Sea The Glass Spare #2

Wilhemina Heidle the exiled princess of Northern Arrod the girl thought dead by her family and friends must return home The only way to save Loom the cursed prince of the Southern Isles is to revisit the castle and discover the origins of her own curseBut home is very different from how she left it Wil’s unstable elder brother is now king leading a war against the Southern Isles And the rest of. Fabulous Mel

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His children for all they’ve done Traveling across cursed seas and treacherous kingdoms Wil Loom and his ruthless sister Espel have to work to make peace with their own struggles if they hope to secure the future of their kingdomsBut when their plans lead them right back to evil marveler Pahn and to Baren who is dangerous than ever can Wil and her friends outsmart their enemies this time for goo. 35 starsI was really looking forward to reading this seuel since the Glass Spare was so much fun to read There were definitely some expectations present before starting this book Some of them were lived up too but some of them weren t either I think this is partly because of the fact that it s a duology IDK but I d preferred it I think if there d be a third book so the author could ve expanded things a bit and so she could ve focused on a detailed ending What I thought could ve been handled a bit betterThe switching in POV was often a bit chaotic in my experience I like it if there are obvious points in a book there s being switched in POV by using names on the top of the pages for example or the start of an entire new chapter That way you re in the loop of knowing there s another POV you re reading which now often wasn t the case It was a bit chaotic for me to have to find out for myself while starting a new paragraph that there was a switch in POV all of a sudden That was the only thing about the set up that bothered me a bitThe build up towards the ending was uite huge and then the Ending itself felt uite rushed to me Everything gets wrapped up so that s not an issue but I would ve liked there to be so expansion written into some scenes you know Some things were over so uickly and therefore it felt like one thing fell into the next I think the author wanted to go this way so things would feel exciting and exhilarating for the reader and to make it fast paced but I think the elaboration of it all lacked a bit which is a bit of a shameEven though a lot of things get answered there are still some uestions I m being left with or answers I would ve liked to be expanded Like Wil s power for example I loved this particular power she had right from the start It was original and intriguing to read about I would ve liked to be able to read about it It felt like it was being put into the background a lot in this second book which I can understand up to a point because story line developing is important too and this is yet another reason I feel that a trilogy would ve been better here so the author could ve used the second book to tell about this particular power and elaborate some on Wil s hunt for some answers about it So yeah there should ve been possible with this in my opinionWhat I absolutely lovedAs in the first book I love the characters present and their development in the story line Whether I m talking about the main characters or the minor ones I really love them all There are some kickass female characters and some swoon worthy male characters and I think the author really did all of them justice They complement one another perfectly I love the fact that Loom s sister Espel and her guard Masali are present in this one and that we get to see them in a whole other lighting They were a beautiful addition to the story line development in my opinion I am in so love with the authors writing It s so beautiful Even though there are some gapsunderdevelopment present in the story the writing itself is utterly enthralling to me and I couldn t get enough of it I finished the book within a day so that says enough right I am really looking forward to read books by this author There s an open enough ending that definitely gives the author the opportunity to continue writing in this world so fingers crossed So yeah Overall I really liked the book Sure as I ve mentioned it had some flaws in my opinion but this duology in general was just really fun to read and is a nice addition to the YA genre It has some really fun and interesting characters to read about a good enough world building with some court politics the author s writing is so beautiful and enchanting There s action and adventure a bit of magic there s betrayal there s laughter love and sadness It has all the ingredients to be a story I d really recommend to get yourself auatinted with You have to be aware though that this is a book that is for readers that love a light fantasy with light politics from time to time and not expect a book that has you guessing throughout it the entire time seeing it s uite predictable The predictability didn t ruin it for me though but it is a reason why I gave the rating that I did But it definitely was enjoyable nonetheless I for one am excited to see what there s to come from this author in the future and be looking back with a smile to this reading experience

10 thoughts on “The Cursed Sea The Glass Spare #2

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    Fabulous Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  2. says:

    I'm always scared when diving into a last book of a series but not as bad with a duology because the journey ha

  3. says:

    Rating 25It felt like this book was completely detached from the first one and shouldn’t have existed in the first place

  4. says:

    I am sad I LOVED The Glass Spare but this book felt like a the author didn't know what she wanted to happen OR b she wanted lots of t

  5. says:

    A satisfying end to an underrated duology

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    why so pretty

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    35 starsI was really looking forward to reading this seuel since the Glass Spare was so much fun to read There were definitely some expectations

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    Ever since I read The Glass Spare last year I couldn’t uite get it out of my head for some reason So I was really looking forward to its seuel I gotta be real here I wasn’t disappointed but I wasn’t surprised either I had some high hopes but this fell short for me This is my dilemma with duologies that the second book won’t live up

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    2 starsThis was such a disappointment I was expecting especially since this is a duology but I might've put my expectations on a high pedestal And now I'm beyond disappointed Disappointed in myself for thinking this would be a good ending and disappointed in the book as a wholeI'm giving it 2 stars because there was at least one thi

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    Good seuelI was worried that this book might be as fun or interesting as the first but it lived up to it The pacing was really good I wasn't bored and in fact I read this all at once I liked that we not only saw what Wil was thinking but sometimes we got Loom and Espel and Gerdie too The story played out well and the ending did a great job wrapping up

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