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[walking Books] ePUB 재즈처럼 ✓ Clarju

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Ng When he slams open the door however he finds Seheon the new transfer student at the piano Disappointment comes crashing down and Taeyi can’t control his anger How dare Seheon play his brother’s song H. That was cute and sweet And the art style was exceptional

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Ow dare he smile How dare he say he loves jazz “If I ever catch you playing the piano againthat’ll be the end of you” And with that begins Taeyi and Seheon's story as unpredictable and visceral as jazz. this is the best manhwa I ve ever read

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Taeyi hears a familiar melody fill the empty halls and makes his way to the old music room He knows his brother is dead but he can’t help but hope maybe just maybeit’s his brother playing his favorite so. Sweet and cute love story

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    One of the saddest story on suicideBut one of the sweetest hot story on bl

  2. says:

    Sweet and cute love story

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    High school delinuents listening to Chet Baker and Art Tatum falling asleep on rooftops IN THE RAINMaybe I'm too old or a snob but I kind of find it hard to believe

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    Beautiful tragic heartbreaking and fluffy all at once So many great jazz songs and a fine story with a wait is this completed??? great and unde

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    That was cute and sweet And the art style was exceptional

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    I've lost count over how many times this series have made me screem over the past year In the shocked positive way too The pay off is amazing and their communication skills that grow over time is great This series really grew on me over time and I can't help but reread the chapters often I love them

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    this is the best manhwa I've ever read

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    Wow guys I didn't expect to like this shounen ai story that doesn't have great art However I love the fact it includes actual jazz music tracks from such great legends such as Nat King Cole Tony Bennett Ella Fitzgerald Astrud Gilberto along with many others I can't name so damn much I advise anyone to have the songs playing in the backgroun

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    Taeyi is far from over the death of his brother and he is nothing but miserable One day he hears a familiar melody and makes his way t

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    So beautiful