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[W.L. Dowd] Download Abducted and Enslaved for the Talistaun epub

W.L. Dowd Î 9 Download

E innocent family members Whether enslaved in the Milking Farm the Breading Barn the Pleasure Slave Stables or the Interrogation Chamber their torturous fates are video taped and broadcast across the internet until their loved ones are caught or surrender.

Read ¿ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Î W.L. Dowd

Abducted and Enslaved for the Talistaun

Ilitia army to abduct the wives daughters sisters mothers and other family members of their prime targets the captured bound and tormented victims are delivered to the Nation of Talistaun where torture and other eually horrifying fates are unleashed on th.

Download Abducted and Enslaved for the Talistaun

The radical Talistaun now control the globe and they’re out for revenge With their new homeland established in America they’re ready and willing to use whatever methods necessary to capture and punish the leaders of their former enemy Using a brutal m.

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