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Summary Kill Me If You Can

Matthew Bannon a poor art student living in New York City finds a duffel bag filled with diamonds during a chaotic attack at Grand Central Station Plans for a worry free life with his stunning girlfriend Katherine fill his thoughts until he realizes that he is being hunted and that whoever is after hi. A poor art student Matthew Bannon stumbles on a stash of stolen diamonds worth millions belonging to a Russian syndicate In possession of the gleaming gems at the time is a dealer named Walter Zelvas who is slain inside New York s Grand Central Terminal leading to Bannon discovering and stealing the gems Zelvas is an employee of the syndicate from which he has been stealing and is also a killer himself Before being slain he is on the run and the syndicate is hot in pursuitA true edge of your seat thriller Kill Me If You Can has genre fans flipping the pages pardon the clich s I finished the book in three days the whole 350 pages of it Matthew starts off seemingly a weakling young poor and in love but actually hides something tough he is an ex marine His fighting ability and survival instincts however don t show until well into the story and for that reason I initially wanted to put the book down thinking he could not stand against the bloodthirsty cabal but boy was I mistaken He becomes a true beast in the end The grand finale is nothing short of spectacular My only problem with the book is the use of worn Russians are the bad guys stereotypes plus the really unbelievable twist that swings the narrative into a completely different gear around the book s middle The romance bit does add a sweet complicating element but the damsel in distress bit is predictable and clich d I shelve the book as a four star read

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Kill Me If You Can

M won't stop until they have reclaimed the diamonds and exacted their revenge Trailing him is the Ghost the world's greatest assassin who has just pulled off his most high profile hit killing Walter Zelvas a top member of the international Diamond Syndicate There's only one small problem the diamonds. I really liked this book It was fast paced and action packed Which is exactly how I love my thrillers

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He was supposed to retrieve from Zelvas are missing Now the Ghost is on Bannon's trail but so is a rival assassin who would like nothing than to make the Ghost disappear forever From America's #1 storyteller Forbes comes a high speed high stakes winner take all thrill ride of adrenaline fueled suspens. Kill Me If You Can by James PattersonMy rating 1 of 5 starsIt has been rud among the unfeeling of my friends that Jesse is a cynical man Jesse they say is a bloke I give all of my friends British accents so I don t feel badly for hating them Jesse they say is a bloke who when confronted with a beautiful short single Calvinistic paedobaptist redhead with a flurry of freckles on her cheeks and a copy of Chesterton in her hands assumes that she ll either turn out to be his sister in favor of low church liturgy or she ll get hit by a truck But probably two out of threeTrue not one among them is necessarily the brightest Guinness in the fish tank I glum no puddles I wiggle no marsh I sail the ocean usually beating Lucy Have they not heard my life motto When I am faced with evils too great to be borne such as Briana prevailing against me at chess or Andrew shaving or Dave I say Why so downcast O my soul Why so disuieted within me This shadow too shall resolve into beauty for if it didn t then it wouldn t and that would just straight up suck Am I not joyful Is not this optimism at it s absolute fatalistic finestI say all of this as a prelude to my review of Patterson If any of you are aspiring smithies of the words should any of you meander through Anglo Saxon dictionaries looking for gems to glean should any of your fingers be as inkstained as Jo March s and you know who I m talking about because you read everything no matter what kind of feministic drivel with wretched sentence construction it is then buy this book Don t read it yet but buy it Five years from now a moment will arrive You will re read that first chapter of yours and realize with horror and despair that some thirty five year old greasy haired unemployed twit sleeping till two pm in his mom s basement that twit still living off of Doritos and Coco Puffs the one who spends his time on line gaming with twelve year olds he spawn of the devil that he is wrote a blog post in ten minutes maintaining that Counter Strike was totally way awesome than Halo and his blog post was better written than your chapter That moment of terrifying clarity will arrive When it does and you realize that you write like a twelve year old Pakistani immigrant who learned English for the sole purpose of compiling a phone book that you can t put your pen to paper without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge when your only hope seems to be gainful employment or suicide at that moment pick up this book say audibly this man is a NY Times best seller and read it When you re halfway through you ll print your manuscript and send it to his publisher complete with a reuest for an advance and a promise of two new books for him next weekIt was the worst book I ve ever finished and I ve read Rick Joyner Left Behind and Twilight Was it train of thought Three hundred pages two hundred chapters His characters have the depth of a mud puddle on a newly paved street after a drizzle and I know damned well which one I d prefer spending my time with Especially if worms are involved I got it for a dollar read it in an hour and felt as incredulous as Goliath looking at David just fewer projectilesIf prison libraries stock books like this then I think those against water boarding as cruel and unusual have been straining out gnats through their teeth

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    This book has made me reconsider a lot of things in my lifeFirst of all it has made me look at all of the other books that I have given a one star rating too Yeah The Shack was bad but was it THIS bad? It has also made me think of how many people might be out there reading books like this or any other books which appear to have been writte

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    A poor art student Matthew Bannon stumbles on a stash of stolen diamonds worth millions belonging to a Russian syndicate In possession of the gl

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    Kill Me If You Can is a fast paced action thriller which leaves little time for the reader to catch their breath Each scene is a near shot of adrenaline as authors Patterson and Marshall tell a deep and engrossing story encompassing assassins art students blood diamonds and the Russian Mafia The accidental hero

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    This book is filled with every cliche I could possibly think of Russian mobsters oo rah Marine buddies cougar prof

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    My second of Patterson's reads Well i will start this review by saying that he is rapidly becoming one of my to

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    I really liked this book It was fast paced and action packed Which is exactly how I love my thrillers

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    Matthew Bannon is a poor art student living in New York who finds s bag of diamonds after a man known as Walter Zelvas is murdered in a vicious battle Zelvas stole the diamonds from the Russian mob They hired a contract killer simply known as the Ghost to kill Zelvas Bannon is in love with a woman named Kathrine who reciprocates his love After finding the diamonds he decides to take her on a trip to Paris Unbeknownst to Bannon t

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    This was typical fun fast exciting Patterson He held the mystery close and it worked greatThe Ghost was a great part and a nice surprise This standalone too could be a series I’d like to see if Brannon and his boys have

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    Kill Me If You Can by James PattersonMy rating 1 of 5 starsIt has been rud among the unfeeling of my friends that Jesse is a cynica

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    Not my favorite Patterson book It was a little heavier on the sex than I'd like and the consensual incestuous relationship of the bad guy and his daughter really wasn't a necessary or enjoyable part of the plot I'm convinced Patterson acts as mostly just a consultant on most of these books he supposedly co writes and I don't think I'd want to read any by Marshall Karp The plot was interesting but I found myself reminded of a recent movie p